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Brock Turner case influences this NBC sitcom

“The Carmichael Show,” an NBC sitcom that habitually embraces hot-button issues, plans to air an episode about rape and possibly reference the Brock Turner case.

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Statement: Recall Judge Persky Chair Re: Commission on Judicial Performance

Palo Alto, CA --- The Recall Judge Persky Campaign Chair Michele Dauber made the following statement in response to the Commission on Judicial Performance’s released report on Judge Aaron Persky.

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What Michele Dauber Says About Rape Culture Should Inform What We Do Next

After Hillary Clinton lost last month's presidential election to Donald Trump, Michele Dauber says she spent many days crying. A professor of law at Stanford University and an advocate for victims of sexual assault, Dauber is understandably concerned about the potential effects of a Trump presidency on the women in the U.S. In the wake of Trump's election and other recent events, Dauber's perspective on rape culture can inspire and inform others about the vast work that needs to be done to prevent future acts of sexual violence.

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Sharon Stone delivers emotional reading of letter by Brock Turner's sexual assault victim

Sharon Stone has joined the chorus of voices speaking out about the scourge of sexual assault on college campuses.

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Santa Clara: Campus leaders, prosecutors gather for sexual assault symposium

SANTA CLARA — University leaders, college students, politicians, writers, activists and prosecutors will meet Friday at Santa Clara University to discuss campus sexual assault, a problem that has burst into the national consciousness in recent years.

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