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Effort to recall Stanford rape case judge submits almost 100,000 signatures

The campaign to recall a judge who issued what many considered a light sentence to a former Stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault cleared its first hurdle Thursday.

Recall organizers, led by Stanford law Professor Michele Dauber, filed a petition and nearly 100,000 signatures with the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters in San Jose to place a measure on the June ballot to recall Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky.

If successful, it would be the first recall of a California judge in 87 years.

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Brock Turner case: Campaign turns in nearly 95,000 signatures to put judge’s recall on June ballot

SAN JOSE — The campaign to recall Judge Aaron Persky for giving a former Stanford athlete convicted of sexual assault a relatively lenient sentence of six months in jail has collected nearly 95,000 signatures — far more than required — recall organizers said Thursday.

The mood was triumphant but not complacent as a group of recall supporters gathered in San Jose at the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters to turn in 11 boxes of signed petitions.

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Internal Affairs: Judge Persky’s new assignment

SAN JOSE — The annual list of new job assignments for Santa Clara County Superior Court judges nearly always contains a few nuggets, and the new roster is no exception.

Judge Aaron Persky, faced with the first viable recall threat in California in more than eight decades, has volunteered to take an assignment he can do from home, out of the direct public eye.

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An Open Letter to Members of the Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley

Club member Alice Smith, former co-chair of Dean Dems, strongly opposes the recall. She stated that Turner’s sentence was acceptable because it “Does not put him in prison where he himself probably would have been raped in the first few weeks” (is this a consideration we apply to all offenders?) and “[giving] him and others like him a chance to grow up makes sense.” As a survivor, I would love to hear why rapists need more chances.

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Prosecutor to run against judge who handled Brock Turner sex crime case

Santa Clara County prosecutor Cindy Hendrickson has tested the stormy waters and is taking the plunge.

We’re talking about entering the turbulent race to replace Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky in a recall election expected to take place in June. She’s the first to announce.

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