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Aaron Persky stalls recall vote: The horrifying piece of "today in misogyny" news you may have missed

It’s hard to keep up with the rapid-fire pace of depressing news coming out of the White House and the most “respected” and highly valued corners of Silicon Valley.

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‘Surprise’ ruling halts push to oust Brock Turner’s judge, Persky

A judge who has been derided for handing down what many considered a light sentence to a former Stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault, and who faces a coordinated call for his removal, won an unexpected victory in a San Jose court on Friday.

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Did Brock Turner fallout influence judge in Palo Alto sex case?

PALO ALTO — Sean Ryan thought everything was set: he’d struck a deal to serve a year in county jail for having sex with a 15-year-old girl who claimed she was an adult.

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Persky recall effort has lots of cash compared to the judge’s allies

The campaign committee seeking to oust Santa Clara Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky continues to raise more money than the committee formed to retain him and has far more cash on hand, according to campaign finance documents filed this week.




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Opinion: Judge Persky: Why you need to resign

Dear Judge Persky:

As a survivor of a brutal sexual assault, I am writing to suggest that it is not too late, nor will it ever be too late, for you to do the right thing: resign.


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