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Stanford rape case Judge Aaron Persky accused of leniency for an athlete again

PALO ALTO, California — A Bay Area judge slammed for his handling of a Stanford University swimmer’s sexual assault case, is once again accused of giving another star athlete a break.

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Judge who sentenced Brock Turner is under fire again after giving a 'lenient' penalty to college athlete who attacked his girlfriend

The under-fire judge who sentenced Brock Turner is at the center of another controversy after he was accused of giving a 'lenient' punishment to a college athlete who attacked his girlfriend.

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Judge orders weekend jail for College of San Mateo athlete who didn’t satisfy plea deal

PALO ALTO — A Santa Clara County judge Tuesday ordered a College of San Mateo running back to spend about eight weekends in jail for failing to satisfy the terms of a domestic violence plea bargain in a case that drew questions about favorable treatment for athletes charged with abusing women.

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Brock Turner: Recall leader claims judge too lenient on another student athlete

PALO ALTO — After attacking his girlfriend and punching a bystander who tried to protect her last year, College of San Mateo athlete Keenan Smith landed a plea deal that allowed him to continue his budding football career. His charges were reduced to misdemeanors and the star running back only had to serve about half of his 60-day sentence behind bars — provided he completed a 52-week domestic violence program and put in about 28 days on the jail’s weekend work crew.

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Stanford Sex Offender Brock Turner Gets Landscaping Gig, Fudges On Business Address

Anyone wondering what the future held for former Stanford swimmer turned convicted sexual assailant Brock Turner had that question answered Thursday, when the registered sex offender alerted officials that he's gotten a job with an Ohio landscaping company.

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