Brock Turner Already Lied About His Probation Officer and Isn't Even Out of Jail Yet - Recall Judge Aaron Persky

Brock Turner Already Lied About His Probation Officer and Isn't Even Out of Jail Yet

Convicted rapist Brock Turner hasn’t even finished serving his minimal jail sentence and he’s already in more trouble. Turner lied to a probation officer about his drug and alcohol use during a June 14 interview from jail, the Associated Press reports. The ex-Stanford swimmer is supposed to be released Sept. 2 after serving only three months of his six-month sentence for raping an unconscious 23-year-old woman who’s remained anonymous, and he’ll now have to go to drug and alcohol counseling as part of his probation.

Turner told the probation officer he never drank or did any drugs before starting school at Stanford in 2014, according to internal probation department communications. However, investigators found texts on his phone talking about drinking, smoking pot, and taking LSD in high school, and the 20-year-old then admitted to his teen partying. An email from probation manager Jana Taylor said Turner needs counseling and the department doesn’t “want to be placed in a position in the event we violate him for positive tests and his attorney argue we never modified probation to include counseling.” The email also said Turner will return to court, though the date is unknown, where a new judge will handle the change in his probation requirements.

It’s notable that a different judge will handle the convicted rapist’s new hearing, as many people are calling for his sentencing judge, Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky, to be removed from the bench for the absurdly light sentence. Persky was removed from another sexual assault case in June after he threw it out before a jury could deliberate.

Stanford law professor Michele Dauber, who’s leading a campaign to recall Judge Persky, claims the county judge believed Turner’s lies about his prior drug use rather than the evidence that he was not, in fact, new to partying when he arrived at Stanford. A sexual offender’s drug history or lack thereof shouldn’t even be a factor in their sentencing (if they’re guilty, they committed sexual assault either way), but Dauber’s claims that Persky overlooked these details speak to the larger problem of the judge seemingly going easy on the perpetrator because he believed his story. Dauber wrote in a statement sent to The New York Daily News:

“Turner had an extensive history of using illegal drugs. Yet Turner repeatedly misrepresented to the court that he had never used illegal drugs and was inexperienced with partying.

It was clear that Brock Turner was lying to the court when he denied having used illegal drugs or engaged in party culture prior to coming to Stanford. The facts about his alcohol and illegal drug use were fully known to Judge Persky before he sentenced him.”

At least Turner’s stricter probation terms signal that his punishment will still be taken seriously once he’s out of jail and he won’t simply return to his previous life after just three months behind bars.


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By Lauren Holter

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