Demand Justice - Recall Judge Aaron Persky

Demand Justice

Brock Turner, the Stanford swimmer who was convicted of three felony counts of sexual assault, has filed an appeal to overturn his convictions.

Turner’s legal advisor, John Tompkins, stated that the facts of the case do not reflect the verdict, saying: "What we are saying that what happened is not a crime. It happened, but it was not anywhere close to a crime."

Brock Turner sexually assaulted an unconscious woman behind a dumpster -- but he doesn’t think that’s a crime.

Tompkins also called the initial trial “a detailed and lengthy set of lies.” The problem with this case wasn’t that Judge Persky was unfair to Brock Turner -- it was that Judge Persky was unfair to the victim when he sentenced Turner to only a few months in county jail.

This is rape culture in action and it's why we're working to recall Judge Persky. I'm disgusted and outraged. If you are too, make your voice heard with a contribution today.

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