Did the Commission on Judicial Performance “Clear” Judge Persky? - Recall Judge Aaron Persky

Did the Commission on Judicial Performance “Clear” Judge Persky?


No. This was a one-sided, closed-door proceeding that resulted in an error-ridden report (the “Persky Report”) by an agency with a long history of protecting judges. The Commission only imposes discipline in approximately 3% of cases, even though one study showed that similar states impose discipline at three to four times that rate. At the same time, the Commission refuses to provide any information about why it disciplines judges at such a low rate. In 2016, the Commission sued to block the State Auditor from completing a performance review ordered by the state legislature. As a result of this lack of transparency and oversight, the respected Center for Public Integrity recently gave California an “F” for judicial accountability in a detailed state study.

Due to the Commission’s record of protecting judges and lack of transparency, the Recall Campaign decided not to make a complaint to the Commission. Instead, we elected to take the issue directly to the people, who are the ultimate protection against judicial bias under the California Constitution.

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