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Stanford Professor Threatened For Leading Judge Persky Recall

SAN FRANCISCO- The FBI arrested a man who allegedly sent rape threats and white powder while referencing the Brock Turner case.

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He Failed in His Duty

SAN FRANCISCO- The Stanford law professor on her campaign to recall a county judge and clapping back at rape culture.

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California’s first judicial recall in 86 years to appear on Santa Clara County ballot

SAN JOSE — Santa Clara County supervisors Tuesday placed the recall of Judge Aaron Persky on the June 5 ballot, setting the stage for voters to decide whether to oust a sitting judge in California for only the fourth time in more than a century.

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Recall sends a message to Brock Turner judge: Time’s up

When I volunteered to manage the campaign to recall Judge Aaron Persky as a pro-bono political consultant, I knew how difficult it would be. After all, there’s a reason no judge in California has been recalled in 85 years. It’s nearly impossible – logistically, politically and financially.

But I also knew, as a father, that Persky’s horrible decision in the Brock Turner case was so egregious that I had no choice but to help right this wrong. And that meant attacking one of the pillars of what has become known as “rape culture”: a judicial system that has coddled sexual abusers and thereby enabled the pervasive mistreatment of women in our society.

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Push to recall Stanford rape case judge qualifies for ballot

California’s June election will include a measure to recall a Santa Clara County judge who issued a controversial sentence to a Stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault, according to the county’s Registrar of Voters.

The campaign to recall Judge Aaron Persky surpassed the 58,634-signature requirement to be placed on the next statewide election ballot based on a sample count, registrar officials said Tuesday.

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