The Case Against Aaron Judge Persky - Recall Judge Aaron Persky

The Case Against Aaron Judge Persky

On June 5, vote YES and RECALL Judge Aaron Persky. 


Persky failed to protect women

Judge Persky sentenced Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner to only six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster outside a frat party. A jury unanimously convicted Turner on three different felony counts, including assault with intent to rape and sexual penetration of an unconscious and intoxicated person. These charges carry a maximum sentence of fourteen years in prison – he only served ninety days.

Persky failed to protect children

Persky sentenced Robert Chain, a man convicted of felony child pornography, to only four days in jail. Chain possessed dozens of disturbing images of very young girls, including an infant, in sexual situations. Persky even indicated he would be 'receptive' to reducing Robert Chain's felony conviction to a misdemeanor after only one year of probation, contrary to the probation officer's recommendation. 

Persky has a pattern of judicial bias

Judge Persky, a former Stanford athlete, has shown a pattern of bias favoring athletes and other privileged individuals accused of violence against women. Persky adjusted the sentences of two college athletes convicted of domestic violence to accommodate their individual football schedules. In another case, he allowed a software engineer convicted of assaulting his fiancée to serve jail on the weekends.

On June 5, vote YES and RECALL Judge Aaron Persky.